Many people, when asked to define the difference between religion and spirituality, usually cannot do so. Too many of us imagine they are interchangable and essentially expressions of the same thing (as I assumed myself for many years) yet such is not the case. Religion is the efforts of man to define God by putting him (or her) into some understandable context, which we do through observing various rituals and doctrines and embracing certain holy texts. Spirituality, however, is the effort by God to shape us into his/her image so we might evolve and develop our divine nature, which we realize through multiple lifetimes here on Earth. In essence, religion teaches us that God is something external and usually apart from ourselves, while spirituality teaches that God is internal and an integral part of ourselves. As such, while religious people can sometimes be very spiritual on an individual basis, usually most are not, while truly spiritual people are often not particularly religious at all (though they often find value in many religious traditions and teachings). In fact, it has been my discovery that it is the very dogmas and doctrines of religion that often serves as an impediment to spiritual growth.

To better understand the difference, I thought it might be helpful to examine some issues about faith, life, and God from a spiritual standpoint. These articles are merely my opinions on how this process of realizing our own spiritual nature works and should be taken as such, and I also recognize that some of what I've written here will be considered controversial, heretical, or even utter nonsense by some, but that is to be expected. I only offer them as one opinion among many in the hope that in them the reader may find something that speaks to their own attempt to understand God. As always, I'd enjoy corresponding with anyone who would like to open a dialogue on these issues, but please don't try to "convert" me or tell me I'm going to hell if I don't change my nefarious ways. Rational queries and comments only please.

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