One of the many paths I've journeyed down over the years was Christianity, which I embraced as a young man thirty years ago. I was an enthusiastic 'born again' type for over twenty years, and though many of my beliefs and opinions about those experiences have changed over the years, I consider them a time of tremendous spiritual growth and awareness in my life, and I cherish them still. They were an important element of my journey, and though I can no longer agree with much of what fundamentalist Christianity teaches, I still think it made a better man of me (in spite of myself).

However, there are a number of issues having to do with my former faith system—as well as religion and religious beliefs in general—that I believe are detrimental to spiritual growth and so are important to discuss and consider. As such, I wanted to put together a section where the curious could look over a few of my ideas on the subject and see if they have anything to say to them in their own spiritual quest. These articles are somewhat controversial and some of them outright blasphemous, but that's okay—I think God is big enough to handle a few hard questions. In any case, I offer them only as one opinion among many and leave them to do with as you will. As always, I'd enjoy corresponding with anyone who would like to dialogue on these issues, but please don't try to 'reconvert' me or tell me I'm going to hell if I don't change my nefarious ways. Rational queries and comments only please.

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